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Shandong Yiyuan thermoelectric boilers anti friction technology application effect on-site meeting

source:            time:2018-03-10 15:16:00    

     On March 9, 2018, in Shandong Yiyuan Thermal Power Co., Ltd., and Beijing Huadian De Hi-tech Co., Ltd. jointly held a field exchange on the application effect of boiler anti-wear technology.
Fig. 1 introduction of Technology
     Yiyuan Thermal Power Plant has two low-rate buried-tube furnaces with differential beds, which were put into operation in 2005. Buried-tube is arranged in dense phase zone. Buried-tube is washed directly by burden, resulting in frequent tube burst. From July 2015, the power plant began to use the laser cladding boiler tubes of Beijing Huadian De Hi-tech Co., Ltd. After several maintenance shutdown cycles, on February 26, 2018 again shut down to check, cladding layer almost no wear.
Fig. 2 anti wear effect after two and a half years
Fig. 3   industry experts and power plant workers entering the furnace
     After the meeting, technicians from various power plants visited the wear and tear of buried pipes by laser cladding in 21 # furnace.
     The application effect of laser cladding wear-resistant products of Beijing Huadian De Hi-tech Co., Ltd. in Yiyuan buried-tube boiler with serious thermal and electrical wear has been highly recognized by the experts attending the meeting. The laser cladding high temperature wear-resistant technology is an excellent measure to effectively solve the local severe wear of boiler.


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