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     Our company has developed a measurement method of fan performance which is accurate enough and easy to be mastered by the operators. It can not only accurately measure the fan air volume, but also measure the fan efficiency. It is of great significance for boiler operators to solve the problem of inaccurate air volume and save financial resources for customers.
     Based on the principle of energy method, our company has solved the problems existing in the current air measurement test method, that is, measuring the air volume simply and accurately, and tracking the fan efficiency timely. This provides a solid foundation for the fine air distribution operation of boiler and the adjustment of fan efficiency.
     Field test and trial application show that the air measurement can be strictly accurate to less than 3%, and the fan efficiency can be timely tracked and displayed. It can play a great role in the following aspects:
     1. the excess air coefficient can be accurately controlled, the combustion efficiency of the boiler can be increased, and the carbon content of fly ash can be reduced.
     2. avoid excessive heat loss or increase of air volume and low combustion efficiency.
     3. Real-time dynamic tracking of fan efficiency can provide decision-making basis for fan efficiency upgrade operation adjustment and upgrade of output, reduce unnecessary air supply to boiler, maintain the best operation state of fan, and reduce fan power consumption.
     4. It is the foundation of establishing the reasonable flow field of CFB boiler, which is very important for combustion, heat transfer, anti-wear and even pollutant emission control.

Scene diagram of fan system of Lu'an power plant in Anhui


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